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This tutorial is intended mainly for new members of the Vojta research group to help them overcome the initial frustration with the Linux command prompt. So, if you know what a shell script is or how to use a make file this is not a place for you.

How to get started on the Pegasus IV cluster?

  • To connect to the Pegasus IV cluster from your Windows desktop machine download and install a Windows SSH (secure shell) client such as PuTTy.
  • Download and install an SCP (secure copy) or SFTP (secure FTP) client for transfering files between your desktop machine and Pegasus IV cluster. We recommend WinSCP.
  • Create a PuTTy session for the cluster server, Protocol SSH (Port: 22)

  • Click on Session/Save
  • Hit open.You should see the login screen:

  • Type your username and password and you are in!
  • The Pegasus IV cluster file system is separate from the Missouri S&T campus file system. To transfer files, create a WinSCP session for

Note: Use of the Pegasus cluster is reserved solely for the members and guests of  the Vojta, Wilemski, and Hale research groups. So, please do not e-mail us requesting processor time for beating the world's record in finding the largest prime number or proving the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life.